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Ads & Campaigns | unified PHOTO series for advertising


"I have worked with Rick Peterson for many years. From major television and commercial shooting to smaller and medium-sized projects as well. I have always admired not just his work, which is stellar, but also his calm and considered temperament and personality. In short, he has always been a positive and creative asset to every project he has worked on for me. He is the ultimate team player willing to go the extra mile for the project. He is always prepared, understands when it's time to improvise, and lives by the adage "never let them see you sweat." I highly recommend Rick Peterson to anyone looking for a smart and creative professional photographer."
Ben Gordon, Creative Director
Gordon Galloway Advertising



Ad Campaigns          Stylized Editorial           Conceptual           Travel-Impressionistic    [top]




Ad Campaigns          Stylized Editorial           Conceptual       Travel-Impressionistic      [top]

conceptual PHOTOGRAPHY

photo-illustrative photography to spark the imagination


Ad Campaigns          Stylized Editorial           Conceptual      Travel-Impressionistic       [top]

Travel & Impressionistic

Stylized and impressionistic Travel photography