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“We have worked with Rick over the years on several projects. He is meticulous and talented, easy to work with and, because most of our shoots also include a video element, he works well with limited time and resources when needed. It’s always a pleasure. - Doug Myers, President & Creative Director, Hilton & Myers Advertising

“When Rick agrees to a job, no joke, there is literally a calm that comes over me. I’ve got the best. Regardless of what I throw at him, no matter how crazy things get, he’s got the creativity and skill set to work it all out on the fly. Always the listener, always focused on my audience, always presenting viable solutions, always making sense, always producing a great result. Clear, concise, unforgettable imagery. Love it. And love him.” - Edwin Benoit, Principal,


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Casino Photography

Photographs of the Gaming, Entertainment & Fun at the Casino


"Casino del Sol has utilized the services of Rick Peterson and Peterson Productions for many years and on many projects. Rick is easy to work with, always making himself available on our time schedule and providing his product timely. Rick’s high standards and skills result in a product that is always professional and of top-notch quality." –Melinda Vollmer, Marketing & Client Services, Casino del Sol



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Photographs of the Food, Drinks and Dining Experience



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Photographs of Homes & Communities